Green Wall

Miami Stainless has a variety of green wall hardware suitable for commercial and residential projects.  Green wall trellis is growing in popularity in recent years, with many designers using vertical gardens to soften the aesthetics of large commercial buildings and unsightly walls.

Creating a green wall using stainless steel wire and fittings gives you flexibility in design, with options including straight vertical or horizontal wire sections, crisscross and zigzag.   A recent design at Broadbeach Mall, Queensland included vertical garden trellis wires, fixed at the base in movable garden beds, linked to horizontal wires overhead.

For the majority of trellis projects, we would recommend using a 7 x 19 stainless steel wire.  This wire is marine grade, suitable for harsh outdoor environments and is flexible and easier to use than other wire construction.  For large scale projects, our Greenline Blue Wave Posts provide a strong and secure anchor point, allowing for high scale vertical and horizontal designs.   The most common wire used in garden trellis is 3.2mm however larger sizes can be specified for larger or heavier projects.  The Greenline Post system is suitable for wires from 2mm to 5mm.

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Green Wall Template Designs 

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